Enallagma Annexum - Chelsea BioBlizt 2009

2009 BioBlitz Summary Report


The 2009 Chelsea BioBlitz was held on June 6 – 7, 2009. Forty-four scientists surveyed four parcels of land in the Municipality of Chelsea, Quebec (Figure 1). A total of 1080 records for 640 species were collected during the 24 hours of the BioBlitz. This represents a phenomenal amount of effort on the part of the taxonomic experts, and it illustrates the richness of biodiversity in Chelsea. Nature Chelsea is very pleased with the results of the BioBlitz, which will help us to better understand the importance of protecting examples of rich habitats in the Municipality of Chelsea. Species occurrence records from the BioBlitz will be used in the Nature Chelsea conservation lands model to identify lands of high biodiversity richness.

Bioblitz 2009 Survey Areas

Figure 1. Areas surveyed during the 2009 BioBlitz in Chelsea, Quebec.

Xanthomendoza fallax


The 2009 BioBlitz was held in partnership with the ACRE, the Municipality of Chelsea, the National Capital Commission (Gatineau Park), and Friends of Gatineau Park. ACRE provided volunteers for planning and executing the BioBlitz, the Municipality provided logistical support, and the National Capital Commission provided expertise in event planning and media relations, as well as a venue for the BioBlitz headquarters, and logistical support. The BioBlitz would not have been a success without our partners, and we extend our gratitude to all of the individuals who offered their time and expertise to us.


Forty-four experts in various taxonomic groups participated in the BioBlitz (Table 1). A total of 1080 records of 640 species were recorded, including 85 species of birds, 9 species of herptiles (reptiles and amphibians), 13 species of mammals, 198 species of insects, 79 species of lichen, and 256 species of plants (Figure 2). Five species of lichen not previously recorded in Gatineau Park were found during the BioBlitz. The weather conditions during the 2009 BioBlitz were excellent.

Number of Species Graph

Figure 2. Number of species surveyed by taxa group in the 2009 Chelsea BioBlitz, june 6-7, 2009.

Cladonia fimbriata


We are grateful to the following volunteers and partners who contributed to the success of the 2009 Chelsea BioBlitz:

Nature Chelsea Steering Committee

  • Stephen Woodley – BioBlitz co-lead
  • Christie Spence
  • Alison Woodley
  • Rachel Deslaurier
  • Ewen Eberhardt
  • Scott Findlay

National Capital Commission

  • Michel Viens - Biology
  • Sandra Cook – Biology
  • Isabeklle Beaudoin-Roy - Biology
  • Martine Lavergne – Event Planning
  • André Robert (Demsis) – Event Logistics
  • Marilyne Guèvremont – Media relations

Municipality of Chelsea

  • Rachel Deslaurier
  • Isabelle Pitre
  • Marie-Eve Charlbois
  • Jean Perras
  • Jonathan Régnière
  • Luce Gilbert

BioBlitz Headquarters and Public Event Volunteers

  • Alison Woodley – coordinator
  • Stephen Woodley
  • Christie Spence
  • Noha Fuad
  • Louise Ganz
  • Bryan Grimwold
  • Natalie Andrews
  • Jessica Hervé
  • Sarah Cebulsk
  • Kanak Bala
  • Jennifer Reuger
  • Alexander MacDonald
  • Peter Tsen
  • Danielle Pronovost
  • Frederique St. Laurent
  • Sylvie Guerin
  • Robert Chaffers
  • John Hennessy
  • Andrew Henry
  • Suzanee Gilbeault
  • Marc Alain
  • Catherine Dumouchel
  • Jean-Francois Dubois
  • Erin Woodley
  • Amanda Woodley


  • John Middlemiss

Logo Creation, Graphic Design and French Translation

  • Melina Patry


  • Suzanne Gibeault
  • Geof Burbidge

Table 1. Taxonomic experts participating in the 2009 Chelsea BioBlitz

Name Expertise Affiliation
Robert Alvo Herptiles Independent
Alain Baril Birds CWS
Vincent Barrette Plants MRC des Collines
Frederic Beaulieu Insects AAFC
Dan Bert Insects GLEL Carleton U
Julie Bourque Birds CWS
Fenja Brodo Insects CMN
Irwin Brodo Lichen CMN
Geoff Burbidge Birds Independent
Emma Burbidge Birds Independent
Carolyn Callaghan Mammals NatureChelsea
Bruce Cawdron Plants Independent
Hume Douglas Insects AAFC
Ronnie Drever Plants The Nature Conservancy
Colin Freebury Lichen Independent
Francois Genier Insects Association des entomologistes amateurs du Québec
Jean-Francois Gobeil Birds CWS
Briar Howes Herptiles Parks Canada
Raymond Hutchinson Insects Independent
Cheryl Johnson Mammals EC
Elena Kreuzberg Birds GLEL
Alex Kreuzberg Insects SSC/IUCN
Diane Lepage Insects Independent
Helene Levesque Birds CWS
Marilyn Light Plants-Orchids Orchid Specialist Group/North America (OSG/SSC/IUCN).
Michael Macconaill Plants-Orchids Independent
Ashley Mclaren Mammals GLEL Carleton U
Donald McLennan Plants Parks Canada
Benoit Ménard Insects Independent
Marie-Pierre Mignault Insects Independent
Keith Munro Mammals GLEL Carleton U
Simon Nadeau Mammals Fisheries and Oceans
Richard Pither Mammals Parks Canada
Sergei Ponamarenko Plants Parks Canada
Simon Rainville Insects AAFC_CFIA, Association des entomologistes amateurs du Québec
Trina Rytwinski Mammals GLEL Carleton U
Carl Savignac Birds Dendroica
Chris Schmidt Insects AAFC
Tamaini Snaith Herptiles Parks Canada
Adam Smith Birds GLEL Carleton U
Patricia Summers Birds GLEL
Valerie Torontow Plants Carleton U
Kara Vlasman Herptiles Parks Canada
Stephen Woodley Mammals Parks Canada