About Us

“I am greatly indebted to the forest. It provided materials to make my home, it provides wood to keep my family warm in the winter, it stabilizes and gives nutrients to the soil, and it is home to so many creatures. The forest is the foundation of my sense of place in the Gatineau Hills.”

Carolyn Callaghan, Nature Chelsea Coordinator


AcreACRE (Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment) is a non-profit organization made up of concerned citizens working towards an environmentally-healthy community.

ACRE works to protect the ecological integrity of Chelsea Quebec and to increase understanding and awareness of the environment and its importance in enhancing our quality of life. Among its many achievements, ACRE initiated the award-winning program H2O Chelsea, a community-based research and monitoring program. H2O Chelsea was developed collaboratively with the Municipality of Chelsea and the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment. H2O Chelsea is now operated by the Municipality of Chelsea.

Nature Chelsea

Nature Chelsea is ACRE’s most recent project. The project’s steering committee is comprised of the following conservation experts and Chelsea residents: Alison Woodley, Stephen Woodley, Christie Spence, Rachel Deslaurier, Doug King, Scott Findlay, and Ewen Eberhardt.

Nature Chelsea’s coordinator is Carolyn Callaghan. Carolyn is a resident of Chelsea and a conservation biologist with expertise in mammals, wildlife movement corridors, and biodiversity. Carolyn enjoys snow tracking mammals, birding, and discovering the natural world.

Nature Chelsea is a collaborator with several student projects. Valerie Torontow, a Masters student at Carleton University, is studying the relationship between forest structural complexity and biodiversity in Chelsea. Doug King is Valerie’s supervisor. Luba Reshitnyk is an undergraduate student at University of Ottawa, studying changes in Blanding’s turtle habitat in Chelsea. Jeremy Kerr and Carolyn Callaghan are co-supervisors of Luba’s project. Chrystel Losier is an undergraduate student at University of Ottawa, studying the wildlife movement corridors of Chelsea. Scott Findlay and Carolyn Callaghan are co-supervisors of Chrystel’s project.

Nature Chelsea is also associated with numerous naturalists and scientists with expertise in various species groups, including plants, lichen, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and freshwater mussels.

For more information on the Nature Chelsea Project, see Project Summary.