Biomapping Project

Nature Chelsea invites the residents of Chelsea to help us keep track of the biodiversity of Chelsea through our bio-mapping project. Observations of nature help us to record the species that live in Chelsea as well as to track changes in abundance over time. We would also like to track the sightings of black bears in our community as a way to inform residents of the movement patterns of bears and to remind them of proper garbage and compost management.

To participate in the bio-mapping project, locate and record your sighting below. If you have a GPS unit, you can record the location of the sighting. You can record in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) or in latitude and longitude (see below for explanation of the two systems). If you record your sighting in UTM, please note that your GPS unit should be set for zone 18, NAD 84. For more information on how to record waypoints using a GPA, go to this site:

For more information on latitude, longitude and UTM, click here (to Latitude, Longitude, and UTM sub page)